There are numerous of ways to contribute to HPX.

  • You can create a plugin for HPX, see how to here.

  • You can create a frontend in your favorite language, see how to here.

  • You can help with misc. things like helping answering issues on Github, fixing spelling mistakes, etc.

Editing the documentation

The documentation is written in reStructuredText and is generated with Sphinx. See reStructuredText Primer for an introduction.

To edit the documentation, start by forking the main repo.

The relevant source files are resided at docs/source. Everything else in the docs folder is generated by Sphinx and should be ignored. Edit the .rst files and then when done and satisfied, build the docs with python3 build --docs.

Note that not everything written in the documentation can be found at docs/source. Some is also written in their respective python file. For example, most of the Server API is written in the python files at happypanda/interface. Where possible, prefer writing in the relevant python files over the files at docs/source. This makes it easier to manage.

After you’re done editing the documentation, you can commit the changes. Don’t worry, everything in the docs/ folder except docs/source will be ignored by git so you can commit without worry.

Now that you have committed your changes, you can create a PR on github and it’ll be merged into the main repo! The live documentation found on github is updated automatically on deployment.